Art as a Hole

Film, Web Series, Writing

WEB SERIES Art As A Hole Poster

 12 Episodes

Role: Writer/Creator/Producer

A group of art school rejects work to create Brooklyn’s best non-pornographic art porn. The series follows the group through rehearsals, shooting and production meetings, all culminating in their big film debut. To them, it’s art. To us, it’s another shitty porno.


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Thomas and I created this series after watching a YouTube video of one of our favorite bands, Future Islands. There was a YouTube commenter who wrote “I heard this song in an Art Porn” and we both thought it was hilarious. That’s when we knew we were on to something. Having gone to art school and seeing the pretension that comes along with it, we decided to make a show about totally incompetent artists who genuinely believe in their idea. In a a lot of ways, this is a show about us, or the way that we sometimes feel as writers.