Museum Boat – Pilot

Pilots, Writing


A middle-grade children’s animated pilot that takes place in a world where animals can talk and everyone travels by sea. A young sailor and also prodigy painter, Isla, leaves her homeland of Stripeland (where all humans where only stripes) to go on an around-the-world adventure on the first ever Museum-Boat. She is joined by her best friend – a narwhal named Humphrey, the Museum-Boat’s artistic director – french elephant named Claude and the ship’s captain – a crazy sea lion simply called Cap’n. They travel the globe in search of art from every land to add to their collection, but Isla’s arch nemesis, a talking mime named Jen, tags along and causes trouble for everyone.

Growing up I loved anything having to do with animals, particularly sea creatures, so the opportunity to give them a voice and make them best friends with humans sounded like an awesome idea to me. I also am very passionate about art and think that any TV show that can teach children about both art and friendship, but with an edgy sense of humor, is something that would be truly unique.