The Gutter Series

Plays, Writing

The Gutter Series is a one-act play series that I started in 2014  with  fellow Tisch graduates Brandon Martin, Bethany McHugh and Thomas Daniel Valls. We wanted to create a space in which up-and-coming writers could see their work on a stage, and audience members could see great plays for a fraction of the typical price in Los Angeles. The next Gutter Series event is set to premiere in February 2016.

I’m No Angel (One Act)


A plus size angel gets kicked out of Heaven for making too many self-deprecating fat jokes.

I think that women (and men) always feel pressure to conform to a certain standard of beauty. For the majority of my life I’ve been considered plus size and one way that I’ve found myself combating that standard is by making jokes about myself or my body. This type of defense mechanism isn’t uncommon and I wanted to explore the idea that it has been so ingrained into us that even in death we can’t escape these feelings… or fat jokes.

Manhole (One Act)


After dropping her graduation ring into a sewer in Los Angeles, Addy goes down to find it, but instead discovers a hipster commune hopeful to recruit her into their literal wasteland.

After moving to Los Angeles, I have definitely felt the hardship of trying to find a job and also become a real adult. I put the feeling of being lost and not knowing what to do with your life that many people have post-graduation into this very surreal setting. I gave my character the opportunity to give up and live in a wasteland where nothing really matters, or go back up out of the sewer and “make it” in the real world.