Yippee Yeti Yay! – Pilot

Pilots, Writing


An animated pilot for middle-grade children that takes place in “Canada-ish” — a mass of northern land where there are towns of Yetis, Bigfoots and talking animals that live in the northern woods on Earth. The series follows a young female yeti named Saffra and her best friends – a Bigfoot named Indio and a deer named Tonya. They struggle to explore the world around them while also remaining anonymous. They are threatened by a child lumberjack (they start ‘em young in Canada-ish) named Logan, who is a Yeti/Bigfoot enthusiast and determined to reveal them to the human world.

I think that there’s something really fun about turning the tables on who is typically a protagonist/antagonist. To have a group of Yetis/Bigfoots who are in typical popular culture the enemy to humans as the heroes of the story and to have a human as the threat to their happiness is something that I really wanted to explore.